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About the Author
Mr.C.DHAKACHINA MOORTHY is in the IT field from 1991 onwards and have leaded many domestic and abroad projects.


  • 20 years of software Development experience
  • Small Business to enterprise solution Provider
  • 100% error free software
  • BSNL, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola US and UK Based Clients
  • Advanced Technology to manage Business from any remote location
    For Technical / Sales Enquiries :

    Fundamentals of C
    C++ and OOPS
    Collectiva Certification
    Visual Basic .NET
    ஆங்கிலமே அருகில் வா
    ஜெயிக்கப் பிறந்தோம்


    In order to enable all the students to start learning the advanced technologies at a very reasonable price, we have introduced credit based learning system. We've created video training for many of the important technologies, each video will have approximately 5 to 20 minutes of length. Upto 10 minutes, we are charging 1 credit. So if the total video duration is 9 minutes, you will charged 1 credit, and if the total duration of the video is 16 minutes, you will be charged 2 credits.

    The approximate charge for each credit as on today is Rs.10/- (Sooner this will be increased. Hence we recommend to buy the credits immediately to master the advanced technologies).

    You have the following advantages in our Video based training:

  • Videos are very interactive.
  • Covers the subject matter from the root. Hence you will gain much deeper knowledge in learning as well as using the technology.

  • Practical programs are explained along with the coding and execution. This gives much interactive learning and avoids mis interpretations.

  • Author is having 20+ years of experience in Software Development as well as Training.
  • You can watch the video for any number of times, until you master the technology.
  • You can fix up your own learning curve and watch the video as and when you find the free timings.
  • If you want to learn at a very faster pace, ours is the best way to master the technology in a very less time.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1.What is credit based learning system?
    video is accounted in terms of Credit. One credit is approximately equal to 10 minutes of video. For example, if a video is having 15 minutes of duration, you will be charged 2 credits.

    2.Why Credit Based system?
    Many people are very good at fundamentals. If it is so, they need not spend money on learning the basic skills. They can choose only the advanced technology related vidoes and save money to learn additional languages or technologies.

    3.Can a candidate learn any course?
    Yes. This is the very fantastic feature of our credit based system. The candidate can learn in any order of the same course, or can jump into any interested course. This is something similar to learning different subjects during the regular courses. The candidate can choose multiple courses and start learning.

    4.What is the minimum credits to be purchased?
    You need to buy atleast 50 credits, which is equal to Rs.500/-

    5.What is the approximate charge for learning VB.NET course?
    VB.NET course is having nearly about 100 videos. Hence approximately Rs.1000/- towards 100 credits.