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About the Author
Mr.C.DHAKACHINA MOORTHY is in the IT field from 1991 onwards and have leaded many domestic and abroad projects.


  • 20 years of software Development experience
  • Small Business to enterprise solution Provider
  • 100% error free software
  • BSNL, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola US and UK Based Clients
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    Fundamentals of C
    C++ and OOPS
    Collectiva Certification
    Visual Basic .NET
    ஆங்கிலமே அருகில் வா
    ஜெயிக்கப் பிறந்தோம்


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    C Programming language is very best language to learn the programming techniques. Programming technique is nothing but stimulating our brain to think for the possible solution for the given problem.

    C Programming Language offers very minimal set of features and language elements, which necessitates a developer to write functions on their own than any other modern languages.

    In this course, we've not only introduced about the programming language, but we've explained each and every point in the programmers point of view, with many solved examples. The main advantage of this course is that the coding and result verification is interactive than any other method teaching.

    Learning programming using C language will also provides you great benefits of learning other similar languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP and many scripting languages. If one knows how to program, he will find mastering any modern language very easily and quickly.

    We strongly recommend this course for anyone and from any field of study.

    About the Author
    The author of this video development is Mr.C.DHAKCHINA MOORTHY, IT Head – Software Development, G7 Information Technology (P) Ltd., Bangalore, who is having a vast knowledge in software development for the past 21 years. He has headed more than 300 domestic as well as international software developments so far. He is also an eminent Corporate Employees IT Trainer for the past 15 years in C, C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, .NET 4.0 etc.
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    Course Content


    1. Starting point to learn 'C' Programming
      - (0:09:35)
    2. Why Learn C
      - (0:10:54)
    3. Settingup IDE
      - (0:10:38)


    1. Components Of Computer From Programmers Point Of View
      - (0:03:12)
    2. Memory
      - (0:19:32)
    3. Memory - Constants
      - (0:13:20)
    4. Memory Operations
      - (0:10:11)
    5. ALU
      - (0:30:20)
    6. Relational And Logical Operators
      - (0:10:32)
    7. Console Output
      - (0:14:13)
    8. Console Output Continued
      - (0:09:13)
    9. Console Output Continued - Fixed Width Display
      - (0:09:57)
    10. Console Output Continued - Sample Table Output
      - (0:13:00)
    11. String Array
      - (0:15:17)
    12. Keyboard Input - Char Input
      - (0:11:34)
    13. Key Board Input - String Input
      - (0:06:19)
    14. Key Board Input - Scanf
      - (0:11:03)
    15. Abbreviated Assignment Increment Operators
      - (0:07:56)

    Solved Programs-1

    1. Area Of Circle
      - (0:04:41)
    2. Why scanf?
      - (0:08:32)
    3. Compound Interest
      - (0:08:10)
    4. Fahrenheit 2 Celsius
      - (0:04:43)
    5. Volume And Area Of Sphere
      - (0:03:37)
    6. Simple String Encoding
      - (0:04:40)

    Control Statements

    1. Control Statement - if
      - (0:17:19)
    2. Switch Case
      - (0:05:05)

    Looping Statements

    1. Looping - Condition Based
      - (0:11:33)
    2. Continue - Break
      - (0:05:03)
    3. Looping - Finite Number of Times
      - (0:08:11)


    1. Averaging N Numbers
      - (0:03:31)
    2. Encrypting A String
      - (0:03:38)
    3. Display ASCII
      - (0:03:06)
    4. Sum Of Numbers Divisible by 5
      - (0:02:56)

    Solved Examples-3

    1. Sum Of Even Integers From 2 to 30
      - (0:03:49)
    2. Product Of Odd Integers
      - (0:02:32)
    3. Factorial Table
      - (0:04:49)
    4. Histogram
      - (0:04:16)
    5. Smallest Of N Numbers
      - (0:05:13)
    6. Text Analysis- Alphabets Digits Etc
      - (0:10:12)
    7. Text Analysis - Vowels Consonents
      - (0:11:08)
    8. Switch - Temperature
      - (0:03:01)
    9. Switch - Color Analysis
      - (0:02:58)
    10. Ice Water Steam
      - (0:02:37)
    11. Reverse Copy
      - (0:06:00)
    12. Cumulative Product
      - (0:05:20)
    13. Fibonacci Series
      - (0:06:33)
    14. Prime Table
      - (0:09:14)
    15. Interactive Program
      - (0:07:14)
    16. Sum Of Odd Integers
      - (0:03:30)
    17. Sine Value
      - (0:06:59)
    18. Start Pattern
      - (0:05:14)
    19. Number Pyramid
      - (0:09:43)
    20. PI Value
      - (0:05:06)

    Random Numbers

    1. Random Number Concept
      - (0:12:00)
    2. Random Programs
      - (0:08:39)


    1. Functions
      - (0:18:11)
    2. Maximum
      - (0:06:29)
    3. Prime Or Fibonacci
      - (0:06:27)
    4. Unity Number
      - (0:05:15)
    5. Recursive Functions
      - (0:10:57)
    6. Recursion - Unity Number
      - (0:10:11)


    1. One Dimensional Array
      - (0:17:05)
    2. Maximum of Array
      - (0:07:18)
    3. Multi Dimensional Array
      - (0:22:55)
    4. Matrix Addition
      - (0:02:46)
    5. Matrix Multiplication
      - (0:09:58)
    6. Matrix Statistics
      - (0:07:10)
    7. String Array
      - (0:07:18)


    1. Pointers
      - (0:28:02)
    2. Pointers And Functions
      - (0:17:45)


    1. Structure
      - (0:21:49)
    2. Structure Pointer Functions
      - (0:09:05)


    1. Data Files
      - (0:16:05)
    2. Read Line By Line
      - (0:04:16)
    3. Text File Processing
      - (0:21:54)
    4. Text File Floating Point Numbers
      - (0:07:46)
    5. Text File Write
      - (0:04:04)
    6. Text File Student Record
      - (0:06:25)
    7. Text File Find Highest Mark Student
      - (0:06:15)

    Command Line Arguments

    1. What is command line argument?
      - (0:04:15)
    2. Factorial automation
      - (0:07:44)
    3. Add all supplied numbers
      - (0:01:58)

    Mini Project

    1. Project Demo
      - (0:07:15)
    2. Binary file creation
      - (0:15:12)
    3. Reading Binary File
      - (0:05:25)
    4. Managing Store Item Master
      - (0:05:41)
    5. Managing Store Item Master - 2
      - (0:07:08)
    6. Creating Header file
      - (0:06:04)
    7. Understanding project flow
      - (0:09:34)
    8. Project Setup in Quincy IDE
      - (0:08:01)
    9. List store items
      - (0:13:11)
    10. Receipt Entry
      - (0:11:57)
    11. List Transactions
      - (0:17:03)
    12. Finish the Project
      - (0:02:58)


    1. What's next?
      - (0:06:35)
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