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About the Author
Mr.C.DHAKACHINA MOORTHY is in the IT field from 1991 onwards and have leaded many domestic and abroad projects.


  • 20 years of software Development experience
  • Small Business to enterprise solution Provider
  • 100% error free software
  • BSNL, Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola US and UK Based Clients
  • Advanced Technology to manage Business from any remote location
    For Technical / Sales Enquiries :

    Fundamentals of C
    C++ and OOPS
    Collectiva Certification
    Visual Basic .NET
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    ஜெயிக்கப் பிறந்தோம்

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    வெற்றி என்பது தற்செயலான விஷயம் அல்ல. அது ஒரு சிற்பி சிலையை செதுக்குவது போன்று, நம்முடைய வாழ்க்கையை நாமே செதுக்கும் செயல்.

    ஒரு சிலருக்கு அதிர்ஷ்டம் உதவி செய்திருக்கலாம். ஆனால் வெற்றியடைந்த பல பேர் அதிர்ஷ்டத்தை மட்டுமே நம்பி ஜெயிக்கவில்லை.

    இந்த கல்வியில் நீங்கள் நிச்சயமாக வெற்றியடைய தேவையான சூத்திரங்கள் கொடுக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன. அதுமட்டும் அல்லாமல் நீங்கள் எளிதில் English Vocabulary -ஐ மேம்படுத்திகொள்ளவும் மிக மிக உறுதுணையாக இருக்கும்.

    இன்றே இதனை பயன்படுத்தி ஒரு நாள் ஒன்றுக்கு ஒரு பாடம் படித்து வெற்றியை துவக்குங்கள்.

    About the Author
    The author of this video development is Mr.C.DHAKCHINA MOORTHY, IT Head – Software Development, G7 Information Technology (P) Ltd., Bangalore, who is having a vast knowledge in software development for the past 21 years. He has headed more than 300 domestic as well as international software developments so far. He is also an eminent Corporate Employees IT Trainer for the past 15 years in C, C++, C#, Java, VB.NET, .NET 4.0 etc.
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    Course Content


    1. முன்னுரை
      - (0:09:47)


    1. What is leadership
      - (0:15:05)
    2. World Class Language
      - (0:10:44)
    3. Who made Success a Bad Word
      - (0:12:54)
    4. The Power of Daily Practices
      - (0:15:02)
    5. The Eyes of Leadership
      - (0:08:52)
    6. The Myth of Personal Transformation
      - (0:06:01)
    7. Live Fully Now
      - (0:03:26)
    8. Simplify then Focus
      - (0:05:55)
    9. How to get Good at Life
      - (0:08:23)
    10. Your Four Minute Mile
      - (0:10:10)


    1. Call your parents
      - (0:03:28)
    2. No Train No Gain
      - (0:05:13)
    3. Detach from Noise
      - (0:05:29)
    4. You be Enthusiastic
      - (0:03:55)
    5. Why thoughts shape Life
      - (0:06:41)
    6. It only takes a minute
      - (0:04:15)
    7. Tell Great Stories
      - (0:06:02)
    8. Ask Ask Ask
      - (0:05:21)
    9. Do Good
      - (0:07:34)
    10. Find Pockets of Piece
      - (0:06:32)


    1. This day is so Special
      - (0:05:09)
    2. Fear as Growth
      - (0:06:29)
    3. Practice the Larry King Rule
      - (0:07:12)
    4. Sell Greatly
      - (0:07:54)
    5. Kudos To Warran Buffet
      - (0:03:59)
    6. Why Be Great
      - (0:05:21)
    7. Rough conditions brings Precious Gifts
      - (0:04:58)
    8. Your Environment becomes You
      - (0:02:14)
    9. Fail to Win
      - (0:04:06)
    10. The Imagination Economy
      - (0:04:38)


    1. Dont Feed your Weekness
      - (0:03:22)
    2. The things about Things
      - (0:11:07)
    3. You Find what you Seek
      - (0:06:23)
    4. Conversation with Eccentrics
      - (0:06:46)
    5. Next Level Listening
      - (0:06:30)
    6. Readymade Greatness
      - (0:08:22)
    7. The Brilliance of Diversity
      - (0:12:49)
    8. Jim Donald Gets It
      - (0:06:11)
    9. Lead Like Izzy
      - (0:07:05)
    10. Be a Finisher
      - (0:03:10)


    1. Carly Gets It
      - (0:05:00)
    2. The Dream Catcher
      - (0:05:56)
    3. Success via Simplicity
      - (0:03:12)
    4. Learn at Intersections
      - (0:03:18)
    5. Be Like Peter
      - (0:05:14)
    6. Leverage Hard Relationships
      - (0:12:26)
    7. The One Leap
      - (0:09:10)
    8. Achieving Longevity
      - (0:15:01)
    9. Focus to Win
      - (0:03:29)
    10. Build Your Power
      - (0:05:49)


    1. How Big are your Shoes
      - (0:02:44)
    2. A good CEO
      - (0:02:30)
    3. Its all about Growth
      - (0:02:44)
    4. Respect You
      - (0:04:37)
    5. Less Talk More Do
      - (0:03:01)
    6. The Importance of being Remarkable
      - (0:02:47)
    7. Problems are Servants
      - (0:03:28)
    8. No Try No Win
      - (0:04:50)
    9. Honor is Hip
      - (0:04:25)
    10. You are an Artist
      - (0:05:11)


    1. The Giant Leap
      - (0:08:25)
    2. Gratitude for the Good
      - (0:05:05)
    3. The Courageous Question
      - (0:02:29)
    4. Leadership is about Clarity
      - (0:03:06)
    5. Soft is Hard
      - (0:04:40)
    6. To Act is To Lead
      - (0:02:47)
    7. The Big Question
      - (0:03:12)
    8. Read Strange Stuff
      - (0:04:08)
    9. 13 Challenges
      - (0:03:12)
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    User Comments

    Name Comments
    M.DHANAPAL it's very super
    M.DHANAPAL very super matter in useful
    M.DHANAPAL focus is very important of life very useful.......;.;
    M.DHANAPAL life paragraph is super
    M.DHANAPAL super sir
    M.DHANAPAL its very super really true of life practice is very important
    M.DHANAPAL .....very super of paragraph....
    Dhivya good i understand that our neighbours feelings will be satisfied we can achieved the leadership very easy
    Dhivya fine
    Amala Today only i know about Robin Sharma, Thanks for this,i will learn this whole chapters definitely
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, This video is fabulous and enthusiasm. you are very right, that we should be " The Giant Leap". According to your words only, I'am doing my duties and responsibilities by small steps. Definitely i believe, as your words that one day these small steps become a better way long Step . The only poverty is wakening in early morning. But you told the importance of it. Hence i'll follow it to bring evolution both in my life & business. Thanks
    Banuchandar N Be focused on what we do now. and the time management is very very important to win.
    Banuchandar N "There will never be a perfect time to be the greatest you", "There will never be a better time than today" awesome lines. and we have today only in our hand, there is no tomorrow or other days. Someone said "nandre sei! athaiyum indre sei!". so we should keep this in our mind and follow it to achieve greatness in our life.
    Banuchandar N We never willing to continue this kind of relationships or interactions because of our limitation and ego. if we break this stupidity things we can reach some good stage in our life.
    Banuchandar N "Get Good or Get Out" Wonderful thought. and we should be specialized in what we are doing now.
    Banuchandar N We never try to know the bad things about us. but others know all about us.So we can learn the new things from others. It's a good learning process for everyone.
    Banuchandar N Simplicity not only comes by their dressings, but it comes only by their activities, thoughts and business models. This simplicity let us to the success party.
    Banuchandar N Yes, we all have so many resources. but we use very few of them, because of that fear,limiting belief and false assumption. we can achieve anything what ever we want, but if we break that 3.
    Banuchandar N "Don't think about the next job, focus on doing the best with the job you have" Wonderful lines. our dream comes true when we work for that.
    Rekha Without aim, the life will go in vain. We should enjoy the lives, but purposefully.
    Rekha This is the great way to reach our ambitions very easily.
    Rekha We may have different goals or achievements in our mind. But the ultimate reason to attain them is to live our lives better.
    Banuchandar N Anyone can start, but very few of them only take it in to the finishing stage and finish it successfully.
    Banuchandar N We should stay true to us. Small daily improvement over time leads to stunning success.
    Banuchandar N Co-ordination, team work, Friendly relationship, motivation, encouragement help us to win the life.
    Banuchandar N No one knows everything. So listening others is not a worst thing. It may help us to improve something in our life. and also understand them. It also makes our relationship better.
    Rekha Yes. Little drops make the mighty ocean.
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, exactly naturally all are artists. Each & everybody have talent. Most of them forgotten to evaluate themselves. In order to get success we need to work hard by using our creative knowledge & should give high important for each & every work what we are doing.This will definitely help us to bring in front of others. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author,I try to behave with honor & show genuine at work place & home.Now i understood about the reality of honor/hip. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V From this video i remembered, "Efforts Never Fails". But with out putting efforts we can't get success. nice message .Develop your flair and become a successful man & don't be impromptu. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Very energetic. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, Once again i thank you for bringing like this fabulous message. All video's from Born to win is really eccentric. You proved that you're capable for Leadership in ubiquitous by this video & in sighted the importance of being remarkable. I realized & do the same to being remarkable. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, those people who try to be authenticate will talk less, where else others will talk more. Now i lead me to become exemplary. A great thanks to u for changing me as exemplar. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, This is a great message, because some of them only giving respect to them & getting from others. These peoples are the evidence of success in the life. So that we need to study about moral principles of life & try to change of our attitude to get respect. If we change the following things in our life definitely, our life would be reasonable. No Bureaucracy, No Profanities, Following Morning Journaling Session, Being Compelling & Emblematic with tenacity etc., Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, Fantastic Message "Growth is the only evidence of life". Yes, definitely every one living, in the world from born till, to death.But all are not getting Fruit full Life. Because those who are working very hard & putting more effort they can win & make their life successful & ultimately it will be the only evidence. So we should fix a goal & work hard to achieve or to create a evidence in our life . Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, to bring revolution, we have to study about moral principle to become a world -class leader & to get success in the business by taking care of customer satisfaction. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Excellent message & business promotion. This methodology brings world class status for the company, because the Ad is very catche & it can be easily fixed in peoples mind.Hardely Davidson company seems Eccentrics. yes, really the business people should be like this. Thanks
    Brinda Do Good. Feel Good... Very nice message..
    Banuchandar N Everyone have some special talents, that are all come out when we overcome the False assumption, Fear and limiting beliefs.
    Mohan Kumar.S This is the Essence of all the Lessons. If one follow this he become a best Human Being in this earth... I try to be a one among them. Thank you for providing this wonderful motivational package.
    Gopinath.R Very useful tips & information to everyone who wants peace in their life.
    Banuchandar N Listening is better than reading.If we are not willing to listen others.Then we never expect others to listen us. Listening is great thing for our improvement.
    Gopinath.R Very Nice Message...! Always think good and do good.
    Mohan Kumar.S We can get Ideas from different kinds of fields... good message.
    Banuchandar N Aim High, Dream Bigger and Think Different. But without copy nothing will come out. Everything is the copy of something in this world.
    Dhivya Peace is the great thing. I realized this one. It is the extra-ordinary feel.
    Dhivya We need to give respect to every one. If they realize that feel, wont leave us forever.
    Dhivya If we ask, then only able to know the reality. Most of the peoples are wasting their precious time to imagine, it is not needed. simply ask directly, then we will know the reality immediately.
    Dhivya If Our speech should be motivational, It creates the greatest energy to the opposite party.
    Dhivya Time is a most valuable one. So, We need to give more importance to that.
    Dhivya My thoughts are very narrow, so only i didn't achieve anything in my life. This video is pointing my exact mistake.
    Dhivya We need to be Enthustastic, it will create a different and interesting path to travel in our life.
    Dhivya If we need to achieve a great things, we need to avoid the silly Noise. I am doing this kind of mistake a lot, thanks for your identification sir.
    Dhivya Without the proper training, definitely we are unable to shine quickly.
    Dhivya Yes sir, we must spend some time for our family members to share our love. They are our Strength. If we lose them, definitely the success will not give the fulfillment.
    Dhivya What a motivation!! Great Sir. This is an excellent Point. I am seeing this world with fear and limitations. Thanks for this Precious video sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S Leadership is not just a role its a Quality and power...
    Mohan Kumar.S Being Soft character is really Hard...
    Gopinath.R Yes it's really true. People are not mind reader. Without asking anyone how they know what we want...!
    Banuchandar N We should have clear idea in what we want. And the title explained everything "YOU FIND WHAT YOU SEEK"
    Banuchandar N If we addict with anything that only rule us. We should rule others.and shouldn't allow anyone to rule us.
    Banuchandar N If we hesitate to face the fear, it always follow us.If we face it with our strength and confidence it never follow us.Swami Vivekananda said "Fear is death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness, fear is wrong life. All the negative thoughts and ideas that are in the world have proceeded from this evil spirit of fear."
    Senthil Kumar. V If we are honest in the work, definitely the power will build with us. i realized & saying this. Thanks for this Golden Message.
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, I really inspired & Insight. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, really fantastic. You proved the proverb that "Time and Tide wait for none". It's an added value for our life. so we should not postponed any decisions, should think and take honest deciding without delay. Nothing will happen worst, by taking right decision at the right time. perhaps it will improves our ability. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, This message is superb, I searched from end of my mind, but there is no more words to give comments. I think that you had a appropriate study of people in the world . definitely i'm apprehension & follow this to bring me a successful man . Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V It's true & i'll take necessary steps to come forward in the successful path. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Excellent. Definitely we need to learn more things from different people. We should not be proud of us that we know everything.It's true, & i realized about this message. so now i'm absorbing the people those who are having conversation with me, because we will get many more good things like, habit, mannerism, way of approachment, maintaining self dignity etc., like this so many. Really it's a valuable message to get improve our-self in life to achieve or success. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Really it's true & now i'm doing the same to get success. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dream Catcher is really energetic. I'll follow this & achieve my dream without fail, because i realize regarding this message that there is a power with me.So far i never tried to utilize that.But hereafter it won't. Thanks Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Carly Fiorina's big insight is really wonderful. If each & everybody follows this really, we will get success in our life. Thanks
    Mohan Kumar.S Gratitude increase strength of a relationship...
    Banuchandar N The Successful business man is, who can utilize new innovations and Technology. This is not only for business people also for all the students.We should learn the best and new ways to achieve success.
    Banuchandar N If we are not willing to fail, then we can't reach the success. Every time we failed, we learn the new success formula.
    Banuchandar N Situations only makes a man as Good or Bad human being.
    Banuchandar N Rough conditions only teach the real life lessons.If we always face the soft and easy situation we can't able to understand the difficult part of the life and we get failed in that situations.
    Rekha It simply explains how we can encourage ourself through our own words, through our language.
    Senthil Kumar. V I'll try to become a finisher. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, understood that, good things happen to people who do good things & work with devote & get reward. This message represents "Efforts never fails". Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author,Exact message to become a successful man by sharing all things with others. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Really it's a good message, because all of the things in the message brought by you, happened many more times in my life. but i forgotten to empty my cup.Hereafter i'll prepare & be an eligible person to fill the brilliance of diversity in my cup (in the sense of mind). Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, Really i heard this video by Eccentrics author for 6:46 minutes. In so many places you had proved about you. This is much enough for me to climb a suitable place in my life. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, once again i like to say that you're Emblematic. Because each & every message brought by you is highly magnificent. Here, in this message you told that "your thinking will create your realty". Really it's true. we need to think positive & according to that we should put our effort. once in while we will achieve the Goal. Should not think about or turn to the negative things happened in the past. That will not leave us to move for further. So try to forget & think about +ive to achieve in future. I, really understood & given this comment for your valuable message. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, "Things can never bring you a joy that lasts" it's a real one, because human beings won't get satisfied, perhaps there's no end. But such your words regarding spending our life in pursuits, definitely we'll be satisfied. I think that you really enjoyed & presented all these things for us. Definitely I'll follow. Thanks
    Banuchandar N We shouldn't give up our self respect,self confidence and self image. So never give up.
    Banuchandar N Making money is not a wrong, when it's in a right way.They are 2nd and 3rd richest men in the world.They have money and they no need to spend their money for others.But they are doing a very great job for the public. They are richest not only by their money, also by their thoughts and activities.That's what a real human being can do.
    Banuchandar N As you said., This is not only for business people,It's a lesson for all.Even the students should sell themselves in the interview.The best seller only gets more profit.Real message sir.
    Senthil Kumar. V Excellent Message. Many things happened in my life due to fear, but i realized to face,i can't. Because nobody else motivated me as like this. But one thing i can say, if our mind will think, we will try.If any body guide us we won't try, we will face. That's true. Thanks
    Banuchandar N Wake up in the morning and do the exercise is the very good practice.It'll help us to achieve something and boost up our energy to fit for that day.I'll follow it sir.
    Banuchandar N FEAR is one of the stepping stone of success.
    Banuchandar N Time is the very great resource for us.If we waste a single minute then, we never get it back.I will follow it sir.and make my day special.
    Gopinath.R Superb. Nice message.
    Banuchandar N Everyone in this world trying to get piece by destroy others.This is a very good practice and a lesson.
    Banuchandar N What we give is what we will get. So, Do good to all.Nice Message.
    Banuchandar N Many times I'm hesitate to ask anything to anyone.That time i thought, they know what I want like that.Now I realize without asking, I can't get anything.This is a wake up call for me. Thanks for this Video sir.
    Banuchandar N Motivation is the very great thing to make anyone to believe them self.and achieve something.A small smile can give a lot of goodness to us.Thanks.
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, The imagination economy proves, that a real business man should renovate to the public. This will bring a great success definitely. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author,"To get success in every walk of our life", we need to take risk apart from normal life.while if fails we should not fatigue. we should motivate us that failure will built to proceed in a successful path. If it remains in our mind with continuous effort definitely one day we can determine our authentic definitions of success rating, as like i understood reg. this video. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, Really excellent & truthful. Our association, will only decide our life style to become a life time achiever/ Successful man & a leader. Very Good Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, day to day you are giving a realistic message as precious gifts for the peoples those who are watching this videos.This message exactly indicates about the crucial position in each of their life. so after hearing this i thought to revolutionize me to achieve and bring precious gifts in my future. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, while i am watching this video i thought a proverb. "Efforts Never Fails". Yes , if we follow & practice this we can achieve what ever we dream & improve our Self-respect, dignity. Thanks for Boosting us to become a successful man. Thanks a lot.
    Senthil Kumar. V By this i understood that, we need to earn money & as well as, we need to serve for human beings.Really its a good thing.I think that this message should SMS throughout the world. Because most of them are selfish. I think what i realized should be focused from others too... Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Well, To be a or to become a good business man the ten points from, observations from the best would be most powerful commands. I feel if we follow that we might get success really. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, Larry King rule comes under in a simple word namely inclination. If we follow/ practice this rule really we can achieve the target. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, according to your message, we should take fear as a great opportunity to face the action, to rectify the problem. I state what i understood, that if we think that is fear, it'll be fear to us, if we don't think, it won't be fear. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, definitely i can. In this video you have given a detailed abbreviation for the proverb " Time & Tide wait for none". That's why you are often telling , morning journalism is must.Because it can gives idea to put our effort best in our trade. Until morning to evening the work which was done by us should impact/ compelling others, will succeed us to achieve the goal in any day. so we need to think,that each & every day is a special day for us.Well Thanks
    Banuchandar N A minute can change anything and everything.It may good or bad.
    Banuchandar N What we think is, what we will become. real message sir.
    Banuchandar N Without Enthusiasm, energy and passion we cant touch the success. Wonderful explanation.
    Mohan Kumar.S Even a small decision if it taken in right time it will give more gain.
    Mohan Kumar.S Live and Love today itself, there is no tomorrow nice thought.
    Mohan Kumar.S Self respect gives ultimate place in society.
    Mohan Kumar.S Revolution will change anything in the world...
    Mohan Kumar.S Immediately i will buy that shoe... That makes the footprint towards the success..
    Mohan Kumar.S we grow by our power... powerful person never fails in his life.
    Gopinath.R Nowadays most of the people always thinking about earn money. Money is more important to everyone to live their life happy. But money only is not a life. They are think about to save the money for their child but they are not ready to spend the time with their child.
    Gopinath.R Yes it's really true. Confidence is very must to do any kind of work. And then our positive thoughts also motivate to achieve our goal.
    Mohan Kumar.S I will focus in my AIM.
    Banuchandar N Be focused on our vision.If we wanna achieve our vision? should control our thoughts and let them to the right way.Before that we should stop think or talk about others. These things divert us from achieving our goal.
    Mohan Kumar.S Now only i note you have nice humour sense. The Example of Napoleon is very interesting, it gives confidence. Thank you.
    Banuchandar N Without proper training the success is a difficult task.
    Banuchandar N The family relationship is the backbone of every human.If we break that, then we ll suffer a lot.Wonderful message sir.Family only available without spending a single penny. because of that we did't realize the importance of Family.
    Senthil Kumar. V Definitely I'll try & do the best. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, this is really an excellent message. Do good & be Good Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear author, absolutely people are not mind readers. Hence we need to Ask, Ask & Some more to fulfill our requirements. Really this message is primacy. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Yes, After hearing this video i thought to throw the bad things from my heart. Then only i can behave as like this video, very enthusiastic & magnificent to achieve something in my life (Goal), treat all the persons without profanities, & with handsome those we face in our daily works will promote us for success rating & as well as leadership. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, You're really Great & Emblematic. This video touch the bottom of the heart, because the message which you represented is happening regularly. But we (I) the people not at all giving any important. Now, regarding your video message i am able to remember a Proverb, "Time and Tide wait for None". so hereafter i'll utilize this, because proverb mentioned time, but you represented each minute is very important. Thanks for your Hallmark, Because this video represents that, you are like this message.
    Gopinath.R Really very nice message.
    Gopinath.R Concentration is the most important to achieve our goal.
    Banuchandar N If anyone failed in something, our mind thinks that, we can't do it.We should stop thinking like that and we need to think that "I Can" always.impossible is nothing that is "Im Possible".So I can do anything.
    Banuchandar N 1.Every failure is the lesson for the next success. So we need to learn from our failures. without failure we can't able to kiss the success. 2.Our life is not a permanent, so we should enjoy the each and every minute of our life. 3. Without any goal life is nothing. Still i live this life very seriously with lot of commitments. Thanks for the awesome life style thoughts sir.It creates lot of awareness in me.
    Mohan Kumar.S From a new person, we get new things.
    Mohan Kumar.S I will follow it..
    Mohan Kumar.S Now i belief myself, i have ability to do anything in this world. Power is valuable resource.
    Mohan Kumar.S We should concentrate in our current work.
    Mohan Kumar.S Anyone can start but finishing is important thing.
    Mohan Kumar.S Hard work and confidence makes a worm in to a butterfly... our Life is also like this.
    Mohan Kumar.S There are two things one is Success another one is failure.. Both can not come together. nice message.
    Mohan Kumar.S I have to change many things, now i realised.
    Banuchandar N If we are not clear in our goal.Then We will fail.So we need to be very clear in, what we want to be achieve? and how we are going to achieve?. If we are not focused in our ideas, we won't get success. Excellent lesson sir.
    Banuchandar N We have the Today only in our hand. There is no Tomorrow or Day after Tomorrow in our hand.So we need to finish it everything today itself.
    Banuchandar N I can do this sir. Thanks.
    Senthil Kumar. V Really wonderful Proverb " Never go high than thinking" yes, it's true. Definitely we must have a dream, if not life is like imperfect. sometimes ,somethings will be happens impetuous. But our dream should be long, and based that we need to work hard. Really we can realize the success, cascades in every dimensions. Unavoidable, fruitful & charming Message, for the hard work people in the sense of giving boost up. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Really wonderful Proverb " Never go high than thinking" yes, it's true. Definitely we must have a dream, if not life is like imperfect. sometimes ,somethings will be happens impetuous. But our dream should be long, and based that we need to work hard. Really we can realize the success, cascades in every dimensions. Unavoidable, fruitful & charming Message, for the hard work people in the sense of giving boost up. Thanks
    Mohan Kumar.S Man resources is important in every organization.
    Mohan Kumar.S Dreams one day will happen, if we run towards that.
    Gopinath.R Nice Message. Yes it's really true if we finish the any kind of work on sequentially we won't suffer.
    Gopinath.R Very Nice. These videos are very useful to learn the different kind of new word.
    Mohan Kumar.S True lines..
    Gopinath.R The Co-ordination & communication is most important. This video tell what we will see in others.
    Banuchandar N I think this is not only for leaders, It's a very good lesson for all the human beings. so we need to stop look at the bad things of others. but we people always look others by our own thoughts. that only the main reason for misunderstanding with some one.So, we need coordination, mutual communication and understanding.It could be a great lesson sir. Thanks.
    Mohan Kumar.S This gives motivation to fight with problems.
    Banuchandar N In order to achieve our goal, we need to do some sacrifices. but mainly we need self control,because no one can control us.if we need to achieve these things we need to practice in daily basis. I will follow it.Hope it will change my life too.and we always look the succeeded men's success and greatness only. we never see their failures and what made them to this level of success.It all made by their daily practices. Thanks for your wonderful and amazing passage.
    Rekha Thanks to extract the right content from his book to explain about the Leadership. Very well explanation.
    Rekha The single explanation for "Lead without a title" will definitely encourage the listener to move to next video.
    Senthil Kumar. V Whatever happens day by day we need to face it with enthusiastic,also if we behave or bring enthusiastic the real involvement will accompained & lead us to get success in every walk of our life. Thanks
    Mohan Kumar.S When problems come that time we get a new experience super thought sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S Self Respect is important for every human.
    Mohan Kumar.S Money is not important humanity is only important thing. Nice message.
    Gopinath.R Yes it's really true. The daily practice is most important to achieve our goal.
    Gopinath.R Very Nice. It is really very useful to all to speak fluently without any mistakes. And then the "Success & Significant" is most important to reach our goal.
    Dhivya Recall the things which was happened in the previous day is very useful to analyse the mistake also helpful to avoid the mistakes which was doing frequently. Still I've no goals, Today I'll be going to think of my goal. Thanks for the video sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S Nice real time example.
    Banuchandar N Don't care attitude is the best path for success., I should work for my success and also it should not bother others.
    Dhivya Simply superb sir. Target and concentration is the most important things to acheive a greatest things in our life.
    Mohan Kumar.S Everyday has something special...
    Banuchandar N We should always think and speak positively., we have a freedom in speech., but our speech should not affect others and we should not demotivate others.I will do this sir.
    Dhivya Yes sir. We need to finish the work immediately. Otherwise we will suffer a lot. I am doing this mistake oftenly. I need to take care of it. Thanks sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S During watching this video i remembered slogan of Suryan FM.
    Mohan Kumar.S "A smile is the universal welcome" I accept this Sir. Thank you.
    Banuchandar N It's clearly explained about the leadership., and i understood the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES let us to the Leadership quality.. Thank You sir
    Mohan Kumar.S A minute of decision Change our Life...
    Mohan Kumar.S The thought manifests as the word, The word manifests as the deed, The deed develops into habit, And habit hardens in character, So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love, Born out of concern for all beings… As the shadow follows the body, As we think, so we become - Buddha. It is Great thought Sir...
    Banuchandar N It's make me feel proud to be an Indian., Yes, I believe that i can make myself successful.The History of succeed men can make anyone to go on with their path. thank you sir., Hope it will change myself...
    Senthil Kumar. V This video is most useful for me. To become a successful man we need to detach from noise, then only we can keep our vision clearly to achieve our goal.well Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V By this vedio,I felt for each & every one,training is the only kind of thing to give shape. (in the sense of practice) Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, you noticed to give more importance to family members than that of work & be cheerful by both work & family. I understood. Thanks
    Mohan Kumar.S We can do nothing, if we do not have willingness. Enthusiasm is important to wish on something that wish becomes Success. Thank you.
    Mohan Kumar.S Meditation necessary to relax our mind. nice message sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S Proper Training and Effort in achieve Goal will give Gain.
    Mohan Kumar.S Family is only background for all people. If we break it there will be no Society.
    Mohan Kumar.S Good Examples."If we do not have confidence, we can not sell even Gold also" Nice Quote sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S Life is Good but we are living badly... Good Thought...
    Mohan Kumar.S Always Simple is the best...
    Mohan Kumar.S Present is True future is illusion. Superb Sir...
    Dhivya Good sir.
    Mohan Kumar.S "Good Message"
    Mohan Kumar.S This video tells "What is the leadership"
    Mohan Kumar.S Through this i am motivated and also Learn new words also....
    Dhivya This video creates lot of changes in my thinking.. I feel this video is created only for me. I am very eager to watch the next video.
    Dhivya What an excellent speech sir.. Very Great to hear. Practice is very very essential one, to achieve a Great thing in our life. Simply superb. sir.
    Senthil Kumar. V Totally 4 minute mile Vedio comes under in a single line. "your thinking creates your life". So we should not depend any role model for further proceedings in our life . Thing the right way & proceed to get success . Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V All of them should implement this video message in their life to get Good. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Concentrate only for the important things & avoid the rest of others. This will simplify your work & get satisfaction. Good one. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V very happy to hear & Since i'm seeing, some of them following this. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V yes, I'll followup this one. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Totally by this video understood, to avoid the difference of opinion & try to know about the best things among them. Thanks
    Senthil Kumar. V Hello Author, This video brings a great thing for every human being to achieve success . Day to day practice, hardworking according to the plan derive from morning journalism . These things are enough to improve the lifestyle with significance & success. But nobody else can get success without hard working. Thanks
    Gopinath.R Really Superb. Such a great example for the Leadership.
    Mohan Kumar.S Everybody wants to be succeeded but don't know the way to reach Success. This Passage clearly Explains "What is Success".
    Mohan Kumar.S We are known to others by "What we are Speaking", so now i realize " How important the language is..."
    Senthil Kumar. V Dear Author, I'll try to become a elite performer by the way working sincerely & try to change bad word with remarkable success & significance in my life. Day to day your message treat me very boost. Thanks for your encouragement wordings & it'll be helpful for many of the people's life to change their attitude, those who are watching this vedio's. Thanks a lot.
    Dhivya Now only I understood the role of "Significance". GrEaT sIr..
    Mohan Kumar.S Its really Boosting my Confidence...
    Karthikeyan.K and one more thing now i know what is leadership..
    Karthikeyan.K I have wonderful moments to watching this video..Really great Sir It take me involved into hearing this video..
    Karthikeyan.K Really i am interesting to watch your next videos ..
    Mohan Kumar.S Good Motivation.
    Senthil Kumar. V No words to say, because it's a real story & true one . Each & everybody should have a frame . Without the help of this nobody else can become a successful man. while we lead a organization we need to avoid treating the staff as well as customers without profanities because of strumbling block which we are facing by them. since we are not as like this mean, this is a good message to change our attitude in a positive manner for all things. Thanks for saying about this world class language in your style for understanding easily.
    Senthil Kumar. V Well, Good Message today. What will you do to be the leader? By this vedio what i understood is, we need not want to wander here & there or search for the leadership. Because if we change our attitude & if we treat our customer without bureaucracy, hassles automatically they will think of us as a leader for them as like that women in Evex. So Customer support & Satisfaction is a very important one to become successful man in the business & to get the leadership by his attitude. Thanks
    Dhivya I am using demotivational words with others to realize their mistakes. This video done a very great revolution in my life. Hereafter I wont do like that. I'll definetly use the motivational words. I want to save them from a critical situvation. So, I am using the demotivational words. But, Now only i realized my stupidity.
    Senthil Kumar. V Born to Win Preface presented by you is Energetic. You said that no.of inventions determined successfully by USA, because of the people's attitude changed by Mr. Robin Sharma.But Really i say most of the things & attitude changed in my life by you in the name of Robin sharma. Thanks
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